Camperclean by CPES

Introducing The First Fully Automatic Chemical Toilet Cleaning Station

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Watch how easy Camperclean is to use.

In Just 4 Easy Steps

No Mess  – No Smell – No Blue Hands

Tried & Tested in Europe

Camperclean by CPES is now in the UK.

Thousands of campers are already using Camperclean in Europe

Insert Coins

Turn the knob

This will open the valve on the cassette allowing the cleaning process to commence

Insert the Cassette

Push the cassette all of the way in until the green light displays. If the red light is illuminated the cassette is either not pushed in far enough, or the valve has not been opened on the cassette.

Press the Start Button

The door will then close. The cassette will be vacuumed, washed with clean water and re-sanitised with the microbiologically based sanitary additive.

After about 3 minutes the door will open. Simply close the value on your cassette and you are ready to go.

“We have had some very favourable responses to our newly installed Camperclean Station. Once customers have tried Camperclean they use it repeatedly, the unit is easy to maintain and for customers to use”-

Bruce Thomson

Operations Manager, Wood Leisure, Lomands Wood Holiday Park

The owner of Cairnsmill, John Kirkcaldy, gave me a demonstration of the machine, which was quite impressive. It costs £2 per clean but I feel it is well worth the money to do a job that most of us hate!

Bob Mather

Editor, Scottish Caravanner Magazine

We purchased a station for our new luxury 5 star park ‘Love2Stay Touring and Glamping Park’ at Shrewsbury “This was a no brainer for us. When we designed our new park we wanted to offer the best facilities for our customers and the addition of the Camperclean and the reaction we have had from our visitors to the machine has been fantastic. This is one of those products that comes onto the market rarely and really does make a difference to the experience that holidaymakers have”.
He added “Once a customer has used this station, they are reluctant to go back to emptying their cassette at a standard waste point ever again”.

Mark Bebb

Managing Director, Salop Leisure

Once a customer has used this unit they will not want to go back to emptying their cassette at a standard waste point

Ted Waring

Director, CPES Ltd

Environmentally Friendly

Camperclean is environmentally friendly ensuring the most economical amount of water and sanitation fluid is used.

No Contamination

There is no contamination from dirty hands or spilt waste matter with Camperclean. The valve on the cassette is only opened just prior to the cassette being inserted and the camper does not come into contact with any waste matter or sanitary fluid.

CamperClean at Norddeutsche Campingtag

On the 30th of November and the 1st of December CamperClean and CPES exhibited at the Congress Union in Lower Salony, Germany. The CamperClean emptying and cleaning station for touring caravan toilet cassettes were displayed along with a range of touring bollards with...

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Camperclean Receives a Great Response

Camperclean by CPES was launched at the Lawns Caravan Show at Cottingham near Hull in early September with a great response from the public who were extremely enthusiastic about the product and were keen to know when parks would be introducing this facility. Park...

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First Camperclean in the UK

The first Camperclean was installed at Cairnsmill Caravan Park in Scotland in April 2015. John Kirkaldy owner of Cairnsmill has been delighted with the the first automated chemical toilet cleaning station in the UK. These units have been in...

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Camperclean Launched in the UK

Camperclean is the first fully automated chemical toilet cleaning station in the UK and will be launch at the Lawns Caravan & Camping Show in Hull on September 5th -11th. Come along and see our demonstration of a product that will not only...

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Which toilet cassettes can be used in Camperclean?

Most standard toilet cassettes can be used in the Camperclean including SOG units

I do not use chemicals. Is Camperclean environmentally friendly?

Camperclean Bio – sanitary additive works on a basis of microorganisms and is therefore not comparable with other chemical sanitary additives . Of course Camperclean Bio – sanitary additive is environmentally friendly.

What if cassette gets stuck in the machine?

This is very unlikely. If, however, due to a technical defect, the door does not automatically open, the campsite will have a key for the machine.

How much does it cost to use Camperclean?

This depends on the specific location . Most campsites charge between £2.00 -£3.00 this ofcourse includes your sanitary fluid

How long does the cleaning process take?

For normal dirt, the cleaning takes about 3 minutes, this maybe about a minute longer for tougher dirt

My cassette is not clean, what should I do ?

Please follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use of the cassette and use only the recommended toilet paper. Wrong toilet paper, facial tissues, baby wipes, cotton buds or other solids can cause residues to get clogged and they will not be removed. If you used the cassette correctly , and still find large residues in the cassette, please speak to the campsite.

Where can I find campsites with Camperclean ?

Current locations are regularly posted on our website Also look for our Camperclean logo on the website of the campsite .

Email us if your favorite campsite doesn’t have a Camperclean and we will get in touch with them.

I understand that the cassette is refilled after cleaning with the right amount of fresh water and sanitary additive. How much is the right amount of fresh water ?

To ensure an optimal effect of the microorganisms, the cassette is filled depending on the size with approx. 1.5 to 2 liters of water. Larger amounts of sanitary additive do not improve performance.

I push my cassette into the Station. When I press the start button, nothing happens

Please check the correct fit of the cassette. The cassette must be inserted until it stops, so that the cleaning program can start. When pushing the green LED flashes until the cassette has been inserted correctly and then lights up continuously.

Cairnsmill Caravan Park

Cairnsmill Caravan Park, Tel: 01334 473604

First Camperclean Location in the UK


North Ledaig Caravan Park

Trevella Caravan Park

Lomond Woods

New Barns Caravan Park

Riverside Caravan Park

Love2Stay (Salop Leisure Limited)

Swiss Farm International

Dovercourt Caravan Park

Concierge Camping

The Old Oaks Touring Caravan Park and Campsite

The Environment Agency

Coniston Park Coppice

Brighton Caravan and Motorhome Club Site

Abbey Wood Caravan and Motorhome Club Site

Take a look at the Camperclean locations


Cairnsmill Caravan Park,
St Andrews,St Andrews,
Fife KY16 8NN

North Ledaig Caravan Park
Oban, PA37 1RU

Lomand Woods,
Old Luss Rd,
West Dunbartonshire G83 8QP

Northern England

New Barns Caravan Park,
Arnside, Carnforth, Cumbria

Coniston Park Coppice Park gate
LA21 8LA

Riverside Caravan Park
High Bentham
North Yorkshire




The South West


The Old Oaks Touring Caravan & Campsite
Wick Farm
Wick Lane

Trevella Caravan Park



South East

Swiss Farm International Marlow Road
Henley on Thames

Dovercourt Caravan park
Low Rd, Harwich CO12 3TX, UK

Concierge Camping
The Ratham Estate, Ratham Lane
West Ashling
Chichester, West Sussex
PO18 8DL

Brighton Caravan & Motorhome Club Site
East Brighton Park
Wilson Ave

Abbey Wood Caravan & Motorhome Club Site
Federation Road

The Environment Agency (private use for welfare vehicles)



Caravan Park Electrical Services Limited are market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of electrical distribution systems on holiday, park home and touring parks throughout the United Kingdom. 

The company was formed in 1982 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, to provide a limited range of electrical connection units for park operators developing their pitches to accommodate the increasing demand for electricity.

Over the years the product range has expanded enormously and CPES Ltd have been at the forefront of innovations within the industry. From designing, developing and marketing the humble camping control unit throughout Europe to installing computerised Automatic Meter Reading systems allowing you the freedom to monitor and control the consumption of electricity and other utilities at each pitch. CPES Ltd are now proud to be at the forefront of innovation once again with Camperclean by CPES.


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