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Camperclean is the first fully automated chemical toilet cleaning station in the UK and will be launch at the Lawns Caravan & Camping Show in Hull on September 5th -11th.

Come along and see our demonstration of a product that will not only transform the caravan and motor home experience for the thousands of campers but may even encourage others who would have never fancied camping in the past.

Of the many people we have spoken to about the experience of emptying their chemical toilet, all agree that it is a rather primitive method. That is set to change with Camperclean.

These units are German engineered and have been tested over the last 18 months in Europe where they have been a great success.

Here at CPES Ltd we were pioneers in the electrification of caravan parks back in the early 80’s, providing some of the early touring hook up units in the UK & Europe. We see bringing Camperclean to the UK & Ireland as momentous to the camping sector. As sole UK & Ireland distributor we are committed to spreading the message to consumers and park owners about this life changing product.

Calling this product life changing is not an overstatement if you have ever emptied a chemical toilet down a hole in the ground!